Natton Ben-Meir

- Seattle Director 206 618-9278
Having grown up in Seattle and as an NCSY alum, Natton returns with his wife Talya, twins girls Navah and Eden and son Ezra Tzion to reconnect with the amazing work NCSY has been doing.
After nearly 10 years in Jerusalem learning and raising three amazing children, he can’t wait to bring the community together in new and exciting ways. His time as a student and madrich in Netiv Aryeh has inspired the whole family spiritually and creatively.
Natton enjoys recounting crazy anecdotes, food, fantasy literature and is particularly skilled at forgetting peoples names. His booming voice and made up songs can be heard for miles.
The Ben Meirs are determined that as many people as possible should experience their famous Jerusalem style Shabbat tables and they hope to see you there.